Nach dem Hamann Camaro von Serdo Miletic, hat sich nun der User Jinx aus dem Camaro5 Forum heran gewagt und seine Version des Camaro’s, in einzelnen Rendering’s umgesetzt. Dabei verbindet er Elemente der neuen ZR1, der Cobra und dem Mustang GT500. Mehr Bilder gibts natürlich nach dem Klick.


The front shot reveals some extra things I have in mind for my concept,

  • the two recessed trapazoid vents in the lower grille are intended to be functional brake cooling vents
  • the lower grill is styled like the upper grille and could feed a heat exchanger for the LSA’s supercharger (like on the Cobras/Gt500s)
  • the hood has 2 recessed vents that run parallel with the cowl (think old SS style chevy hoods)
  • The wheels are of volk design. They are forged and gunmetal in color
  • The front splitter is carbon fiber and styled after the ZR1’s
  • The upper grille is a refined IVER style grille, with stock standard bowtie, and my version of the new z28 badge in the same location as all other designations (SS, RS)
  • HID Halos are intended to be standard
  • The hood is taller to give more than enough clearance for the LSA.
  • [Source: Camaro5]