2011 Pontiac Trans Am Rendering

Einen kleinen Vorgeschmack auf das was in einigen Jahren kommen könnte, zeigt dieses Rendering von Poblete. Burt Reynold’s berühmtestes Gefährt, bereit für ein neues Jahrtausend. Leider wird bei Pontiac offiziell nicht an einem Coupe gearbeitet, also bleibt uns vorerst nur dieser Mockup.
[Source: Winding Road/autoblog]

  • I have seen other renderings of a possible Trans Am but I think this is the best one. If Pontiac had any intellegence at all they would build this car. I have been thinking about buyin the Dodge Challenger when it comes out,but if Pontiac would bring back the Trans Am I would definetly buy it instead of a Dodge. Plus the Trans Am is just what Pontiac is going to need with the Dodge Challenger and Cheverolet Camaro making a comeback.


    26. August 2007

  • Where do i sign????

    I’ve been thinking for a while, with the new challenger and camaro being reinvented versions of the 60s/70s design, that this should be the same inspiration for a firebird comeback. The 1982-91 shape was of its time but the earlier incarnation was/is iconic and should be the direction of the new machine

    Eoin McCarthy

    29. August 2007

  • It looks WAY too much like a Dodge Viper hardtop coup- 2003 to 2007 AT present….

    A SUBTLE RE-TOOLING OF THE 84-97 T/A would be a better approach or a variation of the Pontiac Rageous is whats needed….

    Pontiac had a great thing going with the Trans Am as Chevy did with Camaro….

    Pontiac had a great thing with the Pontiac TransPort 91-96
    but….they blew it after that with the brick-like Montana

    Chevy had a great idea with the S-10 line (1989-1994 ) & the Typhoon bit was a great leap forward…
    [I’d love to get the tranny from a typhoon -or a 91 vette & bolt in to my 1990 S-10 Blazer 2 door Sport-TAHOE package ]



    4. September 2007

  • $$$$ does it come with T-tops $$$$$


    27. Oktober 2007

  • t-tops….don’t cut it any more…the Viper proved that, as did the LITTLE SPORTY Honda Del-Sol….both come with removable roofs & a place for storage…..the Toyuota Supra of the mid-late 80s also had a pop-top & Ooomph behid it to make sure it’s a contender for sporty muscle & good looks

    the 83-84 Chevy Camaro-Berlinetta with the digi-dash….
    should be brought back…That had it all except a more fitting beffy engine with a manual contolled turbo.

    Get a clue PONTIAC-GM…..!


    29. Oktober 2007

  • are they coming out with t top or convertible?


    25. Dezember 2007

  • […] so, nachdem Pontiac kein aktuelles Programm für ein Coupe mehr hat und nun bleiben neben dem Trans Am Concept von Poblete, nur mehr die Visionen echter Autofans. Auch Michael Leonhard aus Wien hatte diesen […]

  • […] wie er auch in Zukunft aussehen mag – so oder so, es wird Ihn wohl niemals mehr geben. Der Pontiac Trans Am ist für General Motors nun […]

  • This is not a Trans-Am. Take off the bird, and what is it? I do not know. I should be able to look at it and know its a Trans-Am. I am a hardcore Trans-Am fan don’t get me wrong. But if you look at the new camero and mustang you know what they are, without knowing the make of the car. Please do not disapoint me Pontiac.


    5. Januar 2009

  • Pontiac should make a comeback with the Trans Am with an optional T Top and Turbo just like they did from 77-81, and a powerfull LS7 like the Corvette. Thats course thats if they want to go retro, i cant think of any new car with t top, i think the last ones were the 2002 Trans Am, Camaro, and Corvette that came out with T Tops

    TransAm Boy

    5. Januar 2009

  • i think that if pontiac goes thrue with making a 2011 trans am there going to make a limit like they did with the challenger.


    22. Februar 2009

  • That is one ugly car! What is it? Looks like someone is trying to mix 4 generations into the 5th generation. (Mold one after the 67 Firebird 400 and i might be one waiting on a list for a year).

    1st generation

    27. Mai 2009

  • I’m not sure if i like it. I would not be beating down the doors to get one thats for sure. Getting back to the basics were it all began seems to be working for the other pony cars. Why Pontiac has not caught on as of now, I have no idea. 1967 and 1968 Firebirds would be a great start.

    Pontiac Kid

    27. Mai 2009

  • Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….!

    Pontiac…GONE…. GM,—– Going….Going……

    Are we seeing the last in line for the ONCE mighty Corvette….? stay tuned… Same Vette time—–Same Vette channel….!

    Hell, Chrysler had a good thing going with the 85-88 laser….then they got cocky. GM followed suit…..this pic -above is def Not happening!


    27. Mai 2009

  • this is one sexy car as an owner of a first generation pontiac 69 firebird i like it. even though pontiac is no longer making cars pontiac will live on one way or another.


    25. Dezember 2010

    ( You’ll be Avenged ! )


    24. Januar 2011

  • this vette trans am looks great from the back,but the front needs more work,to much out front,needs to be shorten to give it more pontiac look.that front end is’nt workin !


    11. Januar 2012

  • in fact now that i got a second look the back needs a smal modification to get this the write look,the true trans am of 2012.


    11. Januar 2012

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