Chrysler schliesst Design Abteilung

dodge_challenger_clay_model.jpgChryslers neuer Besitzer Cerberus hat einen weiteren Schritt in Richtung Abspeckung vorgenommen und ein komplettes Design Center an der Westküste Amerikas, in Carlsbad, schliessen lassen. Ein kurzes Press Release gibts nach dem Klick.


Increasingly, we are leveraging resources worldwide, forming new joint ventures and alliances and consolidating operations in order to better achieve global balance and manage fixed costs. These moves are designed to help Chrysler become a more globally focused manufacturer, with design, engineering, sourcing and a local presence to serve local customers.

As such, we are closing the Pacifica Advance Product Design Center, consolidating the Advance Design function in Auburn Hills. Advance Design remains an integral part of our future design efforts, led by Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President — Design.

These changes set the stage for Chrysler’s future global growth efforts, which also include our intent to establish global expertise in design, engineering and sourcing through centers of excellence. These actions will help the Company meet its long-term globalization goals.

[Source: Chrysler]

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