Carroll Shelby versteigert “Black Hornet” für guten Zweck

Vom 2. bis zum 12. Dezember, wird Carrol Shelby seinen Black Hornet, aus seiner Privatsammlung, für einen guten Zweck, versteigern. Die Auktion wird hier bei Ebay zu finden sein und startet bei 100.000 Dollar! Dabei kommt der komplette Erlös, der Shelby Kinder Stiftung zu Gute. Der “Black Hornet” ist ein 1968’iger Shelby EXP500 CSS Green Hornet Mustang, welcher mit einem Cobra Jet 428 V8 ausgestattet ist und 335 PS produziert. Er ist der einzige von Carrol Shelby umgebaute und als Black Hornet registrierte Shelby. Für diese Auktion muss man sich vorher bewerben um mitsteigern zu können. Viel Spaß! 🙂


Created under the direction of racing legend Carroll Shelby, the Shelby EXP500 CSS “Black Hornet” pays tribute to its chrome and green prototype, the Shelby Green Hornet, and is the only approved reproduction. Like its predecessor, the “Black Hornet” sports the famous scoops and stripes, powered by a Cobra Jet 428 V8 engine with a heart-pounding 335 horsepower. The car began life as a vintage 1968 Mustang, and was transformed into an authentic Shelby muscle car worthy of inclusion in the Shelby Worldwide Registry. Titled to Mr. Shelby and donated from his personal collection, the car is being auctioned by Restoration Hardware to benefit the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundationâ„¢.

As a rolling test “mule” for new technologies, the original Green Hornet Shelby GT500 was one of the most important cars in automotive history and one of the rarest Shelby prototypes of all times. Visionary Carroll Shelby challenged his band of hot rodders to out-engineer the world’s best. In so doing, every innovation imaginable was tested on this notchback coupe. Over the course of a couple of years, the Shelby American crew used this car to experiment with ground-breaking technologies such as an early electronic fuel injection system on the 428 cid engine, independent rear suspension, a power antenna and four wheel disc brakes. This development mule was far ahead of its time and also served as the prototype for the “GT/CS” model Shelby before being turned into a test car.

To commemorate this groundbreaking Shelby, Barry Smith, owner of Legendary G.T., built a continuation Shelby EXP500 under license from Carroll Shelby Licensing using an original 1968 Ford Mustang. Painted “Stetson Black” in honor of the hat worn by the lanky Texan, the EXP500 CSS “Black Hornet” is identical to the Green Hornet just after it received disc brakes but prior to the Colonic EFI or independent rear suspension. Since 2003, the car has been owned by Mr. Shelby. The EXP500 CSS is a car so true to a specific moment in time, it’s as if a time capsule was opened to celebrate American ingenuity at its best. It is truly the one, the only, the legendary EXP500 CSS “Black Hornet.”


* The only approved reproduction of the 1968 EXP500 Green Hornet Mustang, modified under Carroll Shelby’s direction as the “Black Hornet”
* Official vehicle in the Shelby Worldwide Registry
* Cobra Jet 428 V8 Engine
* Marc Underdrive Pulley System
* Cobra Jet Manifold Exhaust System
* Holley High Volume Fuel Pump
* Mallory Unilight Ignition System
* Holley 700 Carburetor (new)
* Edelbrook Aluminum Heads
* Shelby Intake manifold
* Shelby Water Pump
* Shelby Valve Covers
* Cobra Air Cleaner
* Griffith Aluminum Radiator
* Legendary Autometer Customized Gauges
* Top Loader 4-speed transmission
* Power Steering/Power Brakes
* new tinted glass
* Standard interior without Roll Bar
* Deluxe Black Interior with Console
* original seatbelts
* Original ’68 Cobra Steering Wheel
* 9″ Currie Rear End – 3.25 ratio
* Original Style AM Radio
* Shelby 10-Spoke Wheels
* Goodyear GTII Tires
* Sequential Tail Lights
* lucas fog lights

[Source: Shelby/Ebay/Restorationhardware]

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