Nickey Chicago 2010 Camaro SS mit 700 PS

Viele Informationen gibt es noch nicht, jedoch hat der Camaro Tuner Nickey Chicaco, aus St. Charles (IL), mehrere Camaro SS Pakete angekündigt. Von Stage I bis Stage III werden unterschiedliche Stufen angeboten, welche alle auf den LS3 basieren werden. Stage I ist dabei das kleinste Paket, genauere Informationen gibt es dazu noch nicht. Bei Stage II wird der Motor des LS3 komplett überarbeitet und mit der großen Stage III Variante bekommt man dann einen neuen LS7 Motor mit 427cui verbaut, welcher 700 PS leisten soll.


Stage I: Mild Modifications to the Stock LS3
Stage II: Completely reworked LS3, (Stock V8 used in the Camaro).
Stage III: This is a complete new/different LS7 427ci transplant.

We are proud to be offering 2010 Nickey Camaros, based on the 5th Generation Platform.

All of the details are not set in stone, at this time, as this is a work in progress.

However; We do have most of the details for the Stage I, Stage II and Stage III Conversion Packages dialed in.

We have established a Dealer Network, in order to fulfill Customer Orders, in one of two ways.

We have dealers who feel confident that they will promptly receive Camaro inventory for Stock; Method One, will be from off their showroom Floors.

These dealers will at some point, in the future have Nickey Camaros in stock and ready for delivery.

The second Method is that you will be able to place a SOLD order, through one of these Dealers and then have your car built to your specs, off the Nickey Option Sheets.

We will be anouncing all the participating Network Dealers and will also list the specs and pricing, as soon as we have them available.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. I will do my best to answer them.


[Source: Yenko]

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