Design: 2010 Dodge Challenger NASCAR

Wie bereits gepostet hat FoxSports den Dodge Challenger für die 2010 NASCAR Serie angekündigt. Der Designer Jonsibal hat sich dem Thema angenommen und seine Version des Challenger im Netz veröffentlicht. Bekannt ist Jonsibal durch seinen Holden Muscle 350 (Hummer GT) und seinen bereits produzierten Entwurf des Dodge Challenger R/T “Fired Up”.

Design Process:
Starting with a stock Dodge Challenger, I lowered the car and replaced the wheels with the NASCAR style wheels. The interior have been stripped out and converted to race spec. I then used the duck-tail wing commonly found in the NS cars along with the rocker panel and front splitter modifications. Details like roof wind diffusers I thought was also appropriate. Typical in the series are the sponsor decals and that huge number applied in the door. I took out the side view mirrors and the door handles thinking that this body will be a one-piece clip anyway. The headlight area is also a decal since these race cars doesn’t require a functioning unit. I kept it a single color so to make it look like a real concept nascar race car from Dodge.

Looking at the finished rendering, the car looks even more retro than ever before. And the body is not too far away from factory just as what was being mentioned in the report.

[Source: Jonsibal via Deviantart]

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