2008 Barrett-Jackson: The Intimidator – 1969 Series 3 Chevrolet Camaro limited edition

Carlot mit der Nummer 1303, auf der derzeit stattfindenden Barret-Jackson Aktion, trägt ein 1969 Chevrolet Camaro limited edition. Dieser Camaro wurde zu Ehren vom Rennteam, Richard Childress Racing (RCR) und seiner Legende im NASCAR Sport, Dale Earnhardt Sr., gebaut. Dale Earnhardt Sr. trug dabei die Rennnummer 3 und deshalb hat sich das RCR zusammen mit der Total Performance Inc. herangemacht diesen 1969 Series 3 zu bauen. Von diesem Sondermodell werden 50 Stück gebaut und die Produktionsnummer #03 steht jetzt bei Barret-Jackson zum Verkauf. Die #03 trägt auch den Beinamen “The Intimidator”!
Die RCR Series 3 Camaro kommen in 2 verschiedenen Varianten, einmal einem 525 PS starken, Aluminium, 427ci V8 Motor oder aber einem 603 PS getunten 427ci, welcher auch, mit der Nr.3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet, von Earnhardt im Jahre 2000 beim Daytona 500 gefahren wurde. Die 603 PS Version steht zum Verkauf.


For 20+ years, Richard Childress has been part of NASCAR’s elite. As a team owner, he has won more than 175 races and 11 major NASCAR championships. As a young man, he scraped together enough money to build a racecar to compete throughout the Southeast, driving after work to race, then driving all night to make it back to work Monday. He drove the truck, welded the chassis, fabricated the bodies and hand-built the engines. He earned great success and legendary status as a team owner with his driver and great friend, the legendary Dale Earnhardt. Together, along with the Richard Childress Racing organization, they rewrote the history books and dominated the sport, creating a mystique and following second to none. Never before has Richard Childress opened his shop for a project like the 1969 RCR Series 3 Camaro. His personal involvement and the input of RCR’s engine builders, chassis specialists, engineers and fabricators ensure this car embodies RCR excellence. The inspiration for the RCR Series 3 Camaro, of which only 50 will be produced, comes from the No. 3 Chevrolet racecars made famous by RCR and Earnhardt. In fact, this RCR Series 3 Camaro is Serial No. 3. The car includes two engines: a 500+hp all aluminum 427 engine spec’ed out by RCR and built by Kieth Craft Motorsports and a NASCAR race-used SB2 powerhouse. With 603hp, the SB2 was built and tuned at the RCR engine shop and the block was in the No. 3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet that Earnhardt raced in the 2000 Daytona 500. Richard Childress is about self-made success and associations with greatness, all the while staying true to his roots. The same can be said for the RCR Series 3 Camaro. Built by Brook Phillips at Total Performance, Inc. Dynacorn body. Mini tubbed 3 inner wheel housings. Composite/carbon fiber fascia, one-piece hood, rocker panels, spoiler, rear roll pan. Chassisworks’ FAB9 direct fit and fabricated 9″ housing. Housing is designed maintain axle-flange-to-axle-flange width of 59-3/4″. Internal axle tube gussets. 9″ third member S-Series complete, True Trac. 3.55 Rear Gear. Coilover shocks on all corners. Triangular 4-link rear suspension with canted upper bars, poly bushing style lower control arms. Bolt-in sub frame connector using the Chassisworks Street Machine bolt-in frame-clip. Baer brakes feature 13″x1.1 rotors and PBR two-piston calipers. Front: 2-piston aluminum calipers, 1-pc, 13″ diameter directionally ventilated rotors. Rear: 1-piston aluminum calipers aluminum calipers with-integral park mechanism, 13″ diameter directionally ventilated rotors. 5-speed, TREMEC transmission. HRE COMP 18″ 3-piece wheels. Titanium fasteners and aerospace grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum. Ididit tilt columns. Billet Specialties steering wheel. ProCar Elite Series seats. Custom billet trim and hardware. Vintage heat by Vintage Air.


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