Spy Shots: Schwarzer Camaro gesichtet

Corey R., ein Mitglied vom Camaro5.com Forum, hat den neuen Chevrolet Camaro vor die Linse bekommen! Zu sehen ist ein schwarzer, völlig ungetarnter Camaro welcher sportlich daher kommt, nur das Chrom an den Rücklichtern mag mir nicht so ganz gefallen. Leider gibt es immer noch keine Fotos bzw. können noch keine Aussagen zur Innenausstattung gemacht werden.


Originally Posted by Corey R.
I spotted this car on Fletcher Ave. At first I thought it was the new Challenger, until I got closer. I attempted to use my camera phone, and narrowly missed side swiping it.

They pulled into an office complex to turn around, I decided to follow, and in the process got the horn/middle finger combo from the guy behind me. I had to talk my way past the security guard to get in, but it seemed to work. The drivers allowed me to take pictures as long as I didn’t take any of the interior. They also would not talk about the motor, but said I will not be disappointed.

The car has a very aggressive look to it, and it was rolling on 20 inch rollers.(275 rear 245 front) The brakes looked a dwarfed behind the wheels. I don’t know if that was because of a smaller wheel on the v6 or if big brakes are an upgrade.

My memory card got full when taking the front nose pic. It had the z06 scoop on the hood. Use your imagination on this one.

The engineers told me they had shipped the car down here from Detroit to test it out in the humid weather we have here. The passenger had a laptop with some type of monitoring software.

I wanted to talk to them more about the car, but the security guard was yelling at me for blocking traffic. He seemed pretty upset for a guy making $9 an hour.

The car sounded good as they throttled it out of the parking lot!


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