2007 Hertz Shelby GT-Hs werden versteigert

Ein Hertz Shelby GT-H ist wohl der Traum vieler und so werden immer wieder von Hertz nicht mehr genutzte Fahrzeuge auf dem Markt veräußert. Zurück am Anfang 2007 wurde der erste von 500 produzierten im Jahre 2007, bei der Barrett Jackson Auktion, für unglaubliche 250.000 Dollar verkauft. Jetzt werden weitere 75-100 Shelby GT-H Convertibles bei der diesjährigen 17. Kruse Annual Auburn Spring Motorfair vom 29.Mai bis 1.Juni 2008 in Auburn, Indiana, versteigert! Wer nicht nach Indiana reisen mag und trotzdem einen GT-H sich schnappen will, der kann ebenso auf der Kruse Homepage mitsteigern.


Shelby Mustang Auction Information

PARK RIDGE, NJ – 05/01/08 – The Hertz Corporation is proud to announce that it has contracted with Kruse International and Dyno Marketing on an exclusive basis to manage the public auctioning of Hertz’s inventory of its Limited Edition 2007 Hertz SHELBY GT-H MUSTANGS. A strictly limited run of 500 2007 GT-H Convertible Mustangs were produced by Carroll Shelby exclusively for Hertz. Hertz will launch this program by offering 75-100 Limited Edition 2007 Hertz SHELBY GT-H MUSTANGS at Kruse’s 17th Annual Auburn Spring Motorfair to be held on May 29 – June 1, 2008 at the 480 acre Kruse Auction Park in Auburn, Indiana.

According to David Stolt, Hertz’s Senior Director of Car Sales Operations, “Hertz offered 40 Mustang GT-Hs for sale at the 2008 Kruse / Dyno Marketing Race Car & Sports Car Auction this past January in Concord, NC. The demand was overwhelming and all of the cars were sold. Kruse International and Dyno Marketing did a fantastic job and Hertz has decided to expand the program and launch a major Shelby Mustang GT-H Convertible sale at the famous Kruse Auburn Spring Motorfair this May.” Stolt also said that “Hertz commissioned only 500 of the Shelby Mustang GT-H Convertibles and they are an extremely popular but hard to find vehicle in the Hertz Fun Collection. Therefore, we handle countless inquiries from renters and collectors who want to own that car. Shelby Mustang GT-H Convertibles are rarely available for purchase by the public and Hertz believes that its relationship with Kruse International and Dyno Marketing will provide Shelby GT-H enthusiasts with a fair chance to buy one.” It was also noted that the buyers of the Shelby GT-Hs will be provided with all ownership documentation and membership in the official Shelby Registry.

Kruse International is the largest collector car auction company in the world and we are very pleased that Hertz has chosen to work with us and Dyno Marketing again to offer these wonderful, truly limited edition collector cars for sale to the public” said Dean Kruse, President of Kruse International. “We believe that as many of the Shelby Mustang GT-H Convertibles as possible should be gathered for sale at the same time so that potential buyers and fans will have a great experience. Bidders will also be able to bid live online during the auction. If you have ever wanted to own one of these rare “instant classics” you MUST attend!” The 17th Annual Auburn Spring Motorfair is one of the premier annual auction events, featuring 1,000 outstanding collector cars in the Auction, swap meet, and car corral. This event is held at the 480 acre Kruse Auction Park on May 29 – June 1, 2008 and is fun for the whole family. For additional information concerning the auctioning of the 2007 Hertz Shelby GT-H Convertibles, including how to register to bid, please contact Malinda Blue-Barfield at (800) 968-4444 x 242.

[Source: Kruse]

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