Mr. Norm und sein 650PS starker Cuda Challenger

Wie bereits angekündigt, feilt Mr.Norm’s Garage zusammen mit Kenne Bell Supercharger’s an einem Cuda Challenger, dem stärksten Serien Musclecar laut Kenne Bell, welcher jemals produziert wurde. Die Entwicklung ist fast abgeschlossen und nun hat Kenne Bell erste Fotos des Test Cuda’s und genauere Leistungsdaten, des im Mai kommenden Kit’s für den Challenger veröffentlicht. Laut Angaben von kenne Bell erzielt der Challenger in verbindung mit dem Twin-Screw Supercharger eine Leitung von 650 PS bei 9psi Ladedruck. Diese kann auf eine Leistung von bis zu 1500 PS bei 23 psi, gesteigert werden. Kenne Bell wird dieses System in verschiedenen Kits für den R/T und den Challenger SRT-8 anbieten. Genauere Details werden hoffentlich bald bekannt.


• Twin Screw Supercharger (lower power consumption & air charge temp).
• Street Legal or Competition Kits.
• INSTANT BOOST (optimum acceleration at ANY rpm).
• 650HP @ 9 psi. Up to 1500HP @ 23 psi.*
• Huge HP potentioal. 2.8L (1200HP), 3.5L (1500HP).*
• Clean OEM look. No underhood exposed intercooler, piping or “hot air” filters.
• Integral intercooler (no external pipes, fittings, etc.).
• Big 4.5” (112mm) “ram tube” with MAMMOTHâ„¢ Inlet components.
• MAMMOTHâ„¢ Inlet Manifold accepts stock, 90mm or Dual 75 Throttle Body.
• Optional Dual 75mm Throttle Body (fits same manifold).
• External Cool Air Filter behind front bumper (no underhood hot air filter, baffle, etc. to rob HP).
• Retro/OEM top mount – front facing design.
• Billet polished or black hard anodized vs. competition’s painted castings.
• Fits under stock hood (no $2000 hood, paint & stripes).
• Easy & economical to upgrade supercharger and/or throttle body.
• Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMPâ„¢, fuel system & 50lb injectors.
• Kenne Bell designed, tested & tuned.
• Step by step easy to read installation instructions.

*See Tech Tips available 5/’09. Depends on engine size, components (cast or forged), modifications, boost, fuel octane, etc.

These kits push Dodge performance to a new level unsurpassed by the competition. And they compliment the rich Dodge performance heritage with a real fully exposed top mount – front facing retro style supercharger kit. We’re proud of our billet supercharger so there are no supercharger “covers” or restrictive external runners that hide the supercharger. And no underhood exposed intercoolers, piping and “hot air” sucking filters to clutter up the engine bay. Just that clean, visible an intimidating Kenne Bell Billet Twin Screw MAMMOTHâ„¢ Kit.

We incorporated all the industry leading Kenne Bell Twin Screw MAMMOTHâ„¢ technology into our new Hemi Kits. And we built in plenty of room to grow. This resulted in the most powerful, highest HP potential kits available for the Hemi – the same basic 2.8L kit design chosen by Shelby for their 725HP Super Snake and Mr. Norm for his 650HP Cuda Challenger, the two most powerful production musclecars ever. With a Kenne Bell Kit, your Hemi engine will suck in ONLY cool, dense, power enhancing air from the unique Kenne Bell inlet filter located behind the front bumper. Just like the Hemi’s scoops of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. And you won’t get sleepy or hungry waiting for the boost to spool up as the supercharger doesn’t rely on engine speed to increase boost as with centrifugals and turbos.

The Twin Screw Supercharger
Kenne Bell, the class act of supercharging, has always been perceived as the premier supercharger kit company. No one does it better. Clearly, Kenne Bell possessed the technology, equipment, test vehicles and personnel – but to be #1 required the best supercharger. In 1991 we analyzed the various superchargers and concepts and selected the upscale billet aluminum (all others were cast aluminum) Twin Screw for all our kits. For years, the ultra high efficiency (+90%) Twin Screw has been tested and compared by OEM automotive engineers. The results are always the same. Size for size, the Twin Screw offers the coolest air discharge temperature, the lowest parasitic/HP loss both during boost and cruise (approx. 1 HP loss), more HP and torque and the highest boost at any rpm and it doesn’t drop off at higher rpm. Add to that the whisper quiet operation, lifetime sealed bearings, self contained lubrication, bypass system and reliability that exceeds OEM standards and you have the “Number 1 Supercharger Kit.” Anyone doubting the above need only to ask Mercedes Benz, Ford and Mercury Marine why, after extensive testing, they selected the Twin Screw for their latest high HP / high performance cars. Thousands of kits have been sold worldwide.

[Source: Kenne Bell]

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