Flake & Flames – Teaser III – Kustom Kulture Documentary

Check out the brandnew teaser of Flake & Flames – Kustom Kulture Film starring Dirty Donny Gillies, Cole Foster, Bob Spina and Coop! Check out how to get your hands on the DVD and other cool stuff by supporting the making of the movie www.indiegogo.com/flakeandflames

A Sneak peak into the world of “Flake & Flames” an upcoming Kustom Kulture documentary featuring international artists like Dirty Donny, COOP, The Pizz, Von Franco, Dan Collins, Bob Spina, Frank Kozik, Robert Kruse, Big P, Pekka Wizz, Blaster, Empire 32, Nefarious and more… out on DVD in 2012! http://www.flakeandflames.com

Check out how to get your hands on the DVD and other cool stuff by supporting the making of the movie http://www.indiegogo.com/flakeandflames

Producer: Jesper Bram
Director of Photography: Dirk Behlau
Directors: Jesper Bram & Dirk Behlau
Filmed by: Jesper Bram & Dirk Behlau
Music by “The Black Angels”
Edited by “WEDNESDAY”
Shot with: Canon 5D Mark II & Canon 7D

“The world famous Kool Lifestyle Photographer Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau and the acclaimed Pinstriper and Artist, Jesper Bram join forces on an astonishing adventure to make a documentary Film about the Kustom Kulture movement around the globe.”

Dirk and Jesper will spend a year going from California through Europe and end in Japan in search of the coolest Kustom Kulture people and events on the planet. Picking the brains of living legends, up and coming artists and builders within the culture.

The guys seek out some of the hottest Kustom Kulture spots and get some of the worlds best car and motorcycle builders, tattoo artists, pinstripers, custom painters and pin-up models to share their tricks and experience.

Who are these two morons?

Dirk Behlau, aka „The Pixeleye”, born in 1971, is an internationally acclaimed designer and photographer from Cologne/Germany. Since 1999, he has created individual high-class solutions for international customers in his design-studio „Pixeleye Interactive”. http://www.pixeleye.de

Dirk Behlau has previously directed the DVD “Drag Racing — Turtman Switzerland 2007”, as well as shot several trailers and teasers for the legendary finnish rockband Leningrad Cowboys and other bands.

Jesper Bram, born 1973 is a renowned Danish pinstriper and artist. He has a strong background in advertising and holds multiple awards and nominations in graphic design. As an entrepreneur, Jesper has been involved in several large scale international projects since the mid nineties.

Jesper has been into custom cars and motorcycles since childhood and has been drawing just as long. In 2009 he founded his automotive pinstriping and design studio J.Bram Kustom Graphics. http://www.pinstriping.dk

  • Wow, wenn Ich dieses Geräusch schon höre…Wer sich so ein Baby einmal zulegen möchte, dem empfehle Ich einige wichtige Kriterien bei der Auswahl des richtigen Musclecars: http://us-musclecar.de/die-wichtigsten-kriterien-bei-der-auswahl-des-richtigen-musclecars/

    Don Muscle

    28. Februar 2012

  • Hut ab für einen weiteren guten Text. Ich lese eure Netzseite
    wahrhaftig oftmals und wurde kaum enttäuscht.

    Bleibt dran und bis in Zukunft! Übrigens:
    Im Chrome funktioniert musclecars.at nicht so .
    Muss jemand da dran was tun? Den Browser benutzen doch
    eine Menge Leser, oder? Lieber Gruß aus Philadelphia !!


    21. März 2014

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