Replica Aston Martin Vanquish basierend auf einem Ford Mustang

Welcher nicht Amicar-Fahrer träumt denn nicht schonmal davon ein echtes James Bond Fahrzeug zu fahren, z.B. den Aston Martin Vanquish? Da dieser aber wohl für die meisten von uns unerschwinglich bleiben wird, hat sich ein Canadischer Autobauer, Exclusive Motors, daran gemacht ein Replica zu entwickeln. Herausgekommen ist ein Aston Martin Vanquish basierend auf einem 1999-2004er Mustang, die Motorisierung geht hin bis zum 5.4L V8 aus dem GT. Dabei wird der Mustang komplett zerlegt und aus 34 Einzelteilen für den Body wieder als Vanquish zusammengebaut. Da Interior wird ebenso komplett durch ein neues ersetzt.


The Building Process

1. A company takes care of purchasing the right donor car. From background information, mileage, wear-and-tear, damage, correct paper work, and the right location.
2. The next company strips all the necessary parts, makes all the required chassis changes, installs all the suspension components, and does a full mechanical inspection.
3. A company here builds us grills, door handles, hinges, brackets, that are crafted and designed for our project.
4. In this step, two individual companies produce the 34 piece composite body. This is done in a hand lay-up and also a resin transfer method. All the best materials are used to allow us to put on such a beautiful paint job.
5. Even though part of the Ford Mustang door is used, a full door buildup is done.
6. This step is done by us. We take care of the assembly of the complete body. From headlights, grills, exhaust, and partial interior pieces. We make sure that the car has the right fit.
7. Another company then assembles the complete interior.
8. At this point the car is sent out to the paint shop. The car is then painted in a basecoat clear coat Glasurit paint. It is then hand sanded and polished to perfection. Also, a number of interior parts are painted.
9. The interior is then sent out to our master upholsterer, where it is finished in the right leathers and materials.
10. In this step, we have a unique company that makes hand made automotive glass. A little thicker glass and laminate gives us better sound quality inside the car.
11. This is the part we enjoy the most. Yes, the car has to be tested. At the point we are satisfied, the car is detailed, ready for delivery.

The pricing

$14,000 A 2000-2003 V8 Ford Mustang, this is the only car that lends itself to the project, and keeps it in the family. Includes all fees, taxes, and transportation costs.

$12,900 A 41 piece body and interior kit, complete with engine covers.

$7,500 Our state-of-the-art suspension kit.

$14,000 Every small part on the car, nearly everyone of them handmade; From hinges, to grills, materials, door handles, brackets, switches, exhaust tips, gauge faces, dvd system, interior trim pieces, emblems, side rakes, moldings, latches, etc, etc, etc.

$2,500 A handmade 6 piece glass package.

$6,000 Forged aluminum wheels and Yokohama tires.

$2,500 A 12 piece light package.

$23,500 Performance package that includes a brand new crate engine from Ford, a vortex super charger added, a transmission build to police car standards, drilled and slotted big brakes, new A/C setup, and many upgraded parts.

$5,500 Spy package with guns and rockets that also include a beautiful framed poster of Die Another Day, signed picture of Pierce Brosnan inset. A nice collectors piece.

$3,000 Dealer and transportation fees

$5,500 Upholstery work.

$8,000 Paint work, exterior and interior.

$21,000 Labour overheads to build. (350 hours @ $60 per hour)

$125,900 Total

[Source: Carscoop]

Im Vergleich dazu kostet ein gebrauchter Aston Martin Vanquish übrigens etwa 160.000€!

  • Ist natürlich immer noch ein grosser Unterschied, aber wer 125 TSD $ Dollar hat, um sich einen ebenfalls gebrauchten Mustang, zwar generalüberholt, aber gebraucht, der kann bestimmt auch noch den Rest für ein Original locker machen.

    Luxus Car

    13. Februar 2008

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