Sean Hyland Motorsport ist erster zugelassener Shelby Shop ausserhalb der USA

Shelby hat Ende Oktober die Kanadische Firma Sean Hyland Motorsport, als erstes Unternehmen ausserhalb der USA, die Lizenz zum bauen von Shelby und Ford Mustang Fahrzeugen, erteilt. In Woodstock, Ontario in Kanada, werden somit ab Ende November die ersten Shelby’s vom Band laufen und können in Kanada erworben werden. Fahrzeuge wie der Super Snake, der GT500, aber auch Crate Motoren können so direkt bestellt werden.

Shelby Autos named Sean Hyland Motorsport as the first authorized Shelby mod shop outside of the U.S. to build high performance versions of current generation Shelby and Ford Mustangs for enthusiasts across Canada. SHM will begin building factory authorized post-title Shelby Mustangs including the ‘Super Snake’ at their facility in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada in late November.

“The demand for Shelby performance has grown significantly over the past three years,” said Gary Davis, vice president of production at Shelby Automobiles. “So we’re teaming with top companies like SHM who share our passion for performance and high standards to satisfy that demand. Sean Hyland’s tremendous experience engineering parts for SN197 Mustangs compliments our philosophy of offering even more power, better braking and upgraded suspensions. Working together, we’ll broaden our portfolio of balanced performance parts for American customers, as well as provide access to Shelby post title packages for Canadian enthusiasts.”

SHM will also enhance Mustangs with authentic Shelby Performance Parts. Individual components will include upgraded brakes, superchargers, suspension components and cosmetic pieces such as hoods and fascias exclusively designed at Shelby Automobiles. Chris Pessinis, director of Shelby Mod Shop Operations, will be involved in helping the Mod Shop meet Carroll Shelby’s personal expectations for quality and delivery.

“Everyone at SHM is very excited to be a part of the Shelby Autos team,” added Sean Hyland, president and owner of Sean Hyland Motorsport. “Our company has been a dominate player in the modular engine business for over 20 years. We operate from a 22,000 square foot facility that offers every in-house service from upholstery and painting to engineering and Dynos. We’re very pleased that we’ll be able to offer enthusiasts throughout Canada a piece of the Shelby dream.”

Sean has been involved motorsports for over 30 years. He founded Sean Hyland Motorsport in 1988 and is actively involved in working with competition cars and engines; he even developed new parts for the 4.6L. Sean and his staff are responsible for creating the acclaimed SHM race block and building the 400 hp naturally aspirated engine package for the MG in the United Kingdom.

Shelby and SHM are also working together to create a powerful line of 4.6 and 5.4L modular engines. Branded with the Shelby logo, there will be five engine options including a 4.6L 3-valve cast aluminum block that will crank out 600hp for ‘05 — ‘09 Mustang GTs, as well as a Shelby GT500 5.4 liter high output long block capable of 950hp. In addition to the engines, Shelby and SHM will also offer Shelby branded front and rear suspensions as well as a Shelby GT500 Power Pack. The engines, suspensions and power packs will be available soon from Shelby Automobiles.

[Source: SHM]

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